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Venue: Oly Hotel – Via Santuario Regina degli Apostoli, 36, Rome

Presentation of WOTICS results

The Event has been held in Rome – Italy on the 10th December 2021

The venue of the event is Oly Hotel – Via Santuario Regina degli Apostoli, 36, Rome from 9 to 18.30

The program was implemented as planned in the application form including: presentation of the project, presentation of the output 1, coffee break, presentation of output 2, brunch, presentation of output 3, coffee break, free time and exhibition of results for trying WOTICS virtual

The target group members was professionals and users in the field of Asperger Autism (educators, psychologists)

The number of participants was 50 as expected 

Lecturer/presenter has been Dr. Igor Vaslav Vitale – Psychologist and President of I.I.A.P.H.S. – it has been provided know-how about the topic of the project including Asperger Syndrome characteristics, social and emotional competences in the workplace and strategies for social inclusion. Particular attention has been given to negative neural correlates of social exclusion as a motivator for facilitating the inclusive processes and diversity management in the workplace through the adoption of the outputs produced during the project