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Venue: Escuela Profesional de Comercio. Sede Universitaria, Calle Ramón y Cajal nº4, Alicante.

Presentation of WOTICS results

Multiplier event in Vienna was organised in cooperation with the NPO FrauenNetzwerk, which is an NGO for women working in different non-profit organisation. The event was advertised through alp and the NPO FrauenNetzwerk via newsletter and fb / Instagram. We tried to reach educators, teachers, pedagogues, social workers, psychologues, staff from NGOs aswell as people who are within the autism spectrum themselves.
When we planned the event it was meant to be for at least 10 international guests and 30 Austrian participants. Due to Corona and a lock-down starting from 22 November 2021 for 3 weeks in Austria, we had to change our plans.
As some of our international guests and especially our key-note speaker, Manuel Corchado González, a young men with autism spectrum from Spain, had already booked the travel, we decided to organise a Hybrid-event. This is a combination of on-site and online meeting.
Finally we had 8 international (Italy, Belgium, Spain, Hungary) and 17 participants from Vienna and 12 online participants. This is a total of 37 participants. We had much more people signed up before.



Arrival of participants 17:00
Welcome from ALP and the NPO-Frauennetzwerk 17:30
Wotics – the project: Presentation of the project results for learning social

skills in the working world

  • Guide for job-search
  • Chatbox with 10 typical situations for jobseekers
  • Virtual office world with some typical situations in an office
Interview with Manuel Corchado González, European Solidarity Corps Volunteer with Autism-Diagnose in the Centre for European Volunteering, Spain Gabriella Civico, Centre for European Volunteering, Belgium 18:15
Small discussion rounds for in-depth exchange 18:45
Check out the virtual working world – explore the intellectual output 3, the virtual office world
Networking and exchange with finger food and drinks