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The project, funded by the ERASMUS + program of the European Commission, aims to empower citizens with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the acquisition of skills for job placement through adapted, innovative and motivational tools based on the use of ICT.

⦁ Firstly, an ACTION GUIDE FOR THE JOB SEARCH will be generated: this guide will compile information on what companies are looking for when hiring new staff, what to put on the curriculum, types of job interviews work, techniques and methods that can be used, etc. This guide will be essential for the achievement of WOTICS objectives.

⦁ Secondly, the WOTICS APPLICATION will be carried out: it will be an easily accessible application, where through chatbots, scenarios and situations that we create, the user, in this case youth with autism spectrum syndrome (ASD), will be able to deal with complicated situations when looking for a job, or when facing real situations that are difficult for them to solve.

⦁ And finally, WOTICS VIRTUAL will be created, in which it is intended to create a scenario with Virtual Reality, where they will have to face a first day of work, with new colleagues, with managers, with tasks to perform, etc., and where users can prepare and train for a real situation.